Normal at the Library

It’s been a big week or so at the library, and to celebrate my day off, I’m going to blog about public libraries.  Yep.  (Don’t worry, I spent a chunk of the day learning how to make Chinese Pork Dumplings.  That deliciousness will be posted soon.)

I already told you how awesome the blog “I Work at a Public Library” happens to be.  This time, I’ll share a specific post.  This stuff can’t be made up, folks:

Roses, Stop Smelling the

Today while roving I witnessed a woman pick up a gardening book, open it behind her back, and fart loudly into the pages. She then reshelved the book and walked away.

I grew up in a household that doesn’t approve of “bathroom humor,” so I’m sorry for my bad humor, Mom and Dad.  It is funny though.

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