Normal at the Library

It’s been a big week or so at the library, and to celebrate my day off, I’m going to blog about public libraries.  Yep.  (Don’t worry, I spent a chunk of the day learning how to make Chinese Pork Dumplings.  That deliciousness will be posted soon.)

I already told you how awesome the blog “I Work at a Public Library” happens to be.  This time, I’ll share a specific post.  This stuff can’t be made up, folks:

Roses, Stop Smelling the

Today while roving I witnessed a woman pick up a gardening book, open it behind her back, and fart loudly into the pages. She then reshelved the book and walked away.

I grew up in a household that doesn’t approve of “bathroom humor,” so I’m sorry for my bad humor, Mom and Dad.  It is funny though.

Reason 2,948 Why I Love My Job

I love my job for lots of reasons–for the sheer insanity that happens sometimes when you’re working with the general public.  For the random information I learn every day.  For the chance to help people with small things like using a website that can impact the big things like getting a job.  It’s great.

But today I like my job because in the building where I work, there are thousands and thousands of stories waiting to be read.

I spent a large chunk of yesterday reading.  It was my day off, and no one else was home (except for Peanut).  What better way to spend a few hours than polishing off one of those library books I needed to return today?

I read about the Civil War, and I learned all about various battles and spy rings and all sorts of exciting things.  So many of those things happened in my adopted state of Virginia, and I didn’t know about them before.  It was kind of amazing.  (I mean, I knew that lots of Civil War battles took place in Virginia.  I just didn’t know as many details as I should have known.)

Today I started a new book that’s taking me to Oxford, and I get to soak up an entirely different set of experiences.

photo by Emily Aimsworth, found on

photo by Emily Aimsworth, found on

Color me happy!  (And yes, that is why you should visit your local library.  It’s free and exciting and not at all dull.)