Reading Break

I’m going to write less today so that you and I can both go and read something else, preferably something on paper.  This is the selfish reason for that: I have three books checked out from the library, all due between one day and three weeks from now.  I want to read them all very very badly.

This is what I will be reading today:

book cover from

These are what I’m excited about reading as soon as I finish the book above:

first impressions

book cover from
book cover from

It’s a sad librarian story, right?  But if I go read right now, it becomes a happy librarian story.
Also, if you’re looking for a good read, I’m pretty excited about these three.  In order, you’ve got the Civil War, Jane Austen meets modern novel, and culinary/French awesomeness.  I’m only halfway through the first of the three, but I think they’re all winners.

Oh, and smart people say that reading fiction helps your brain function better.  So if you don’t do it for fun, do it for your brain.  (The first one is non-fiction, but I still think it has to do something good for your brain.  Read anything you want!)

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