Librarian Problems

So we’re about to go on this fantastic vacation, and that’s a good thing.  No, a great thing.  And all of that time in planes, trains, and automobiles means hours and hours of reading time.  Also great.

But there’s a catch.  Since the moment we decided to take this trip, I’ve been trying to pick out the perfect book (that I already own) to fill those hours.  And I can’t do it.  I’m a librarian, and I can’t narrow it down to one choice.  I also refuse to make my pack so heavy that walks from train station to hotel are miserable.  I packed everything in the world for our honeymoon, and some of those walks were a little bit less pleasant with pack on back than they could have been.  Trying to fix that this time around.  Older, smarter, all that jazz. 

Should I go with fun vacation fluff?

good quality fluff (photo from
good quality fluff (photo from

Should I go with something serious that I’ve wanted to read for years and never get around to picking up?

serious (photo from
serious (photo from

History that’s related to the country we’re visiting?  (That I started reading years ago, loved immediately, and forgot to pick up again after the wonderful first pages.)

history (photo from
history (photo from

Something else entirely? 

I’m at a loss.  I might take two, but only if I can narrow down my shoe choices to one pair of flip flops plus one extra pair.  Two books, two pairs of shoes.  Three books?

Rory gets it:

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  1. Deborah Kiesewetter says:

    I miss Rory…..

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