Living Area Final Countdown

We’re finally getting close to the end of our living area projects.  Sort of.  There’s always another tier of projects after the current tier.  But the big, expensive, troublesome projects are almost finished.  Woohoo! 

Peanut is still putting his good friend Duck in the middle of the action.


We’re starting to move some furniture back into its rightful spot.  Which means that some of my favorite random objects are finding a home outside of the cabinets again.

photo-1Last but not least, we’re still growing varieties of squash that we didn’t plant–healthy volunteer acorn squash this time.


Do you see that gorgeous hardwood floor in the background?!  It’s 99% installed, and it feels like an absolute luxury to walk around barefoot again.  No more construction zone, no more boards with nails sticking up all over the room.  We are happy, happy, happy.

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