Finally Friday

I know it’s been a short work week for me so far (fifth work day coming up tomorrow), but it feels like it’s been a long work week.  I’m sure you understand.

As a result of said week, I’m daydreaming my way through lunch pretty seriously.  One of my two excellent college roommates and I used to play a game of “Where would you rather be right now?”  It’s a useful game for any day that isn’t actually a vacation.

This is where I choose to be (mentally) during my lunch break today:

photo from
photo from

I choose to be on the beach with a good book, burying my feet in the sand, applying sunscreen at perfect intervals (which is never how it actually works), and eating ice cream at equally perfect intervals.


Also, I understand that I’m terribly antisocial, and I should have picked a beach picture that includes family or friends or something active.  But like I said, I’m terribly antisocial sometimes.  My family loves me anyway.  Thanks, family!

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