Blueberries of Happiness

This morning was rough.  We got in late from our roadtrip adventure (12:30-ish), and neither of us was exactly excited about getting out of bed this morning.  Two nights of too little sleep does not a perky morning make.

Scott had appointments to keep and errands to run, and I had to get to work (late day, but still).  Things were going more or less according to plan at a tired pace until I hopped in my car to pick Scott up from the rental car place.  My car battery was dead.  Not dead as a doornail, just dead enough that the car wouldn’t start.

So Scott rushed home to help with that and make sure I got to work on time.  There was frustration and pushing of cars and more frustration mixed with exhaustion.  Great, right?

But on the way out of our driveway, Scott stopped and picked blueberries for us to eat on the way into town.  That made me happy for lots of reasons.

berries about 2.5 seconds before consumption
berries about 2.5 seconds before consumption
  1. The berries came off of the newest addition to our blueberry plant family.  The ones we planted early in the season do look healthy, but there aren’t any berries there yet.
  2. Scott just planted this particular plant about a week ago, which means the plant had berries on it when Scott bought it.
  3. Thus, Scott is a genius.
  4. Also, the berries were tasty.

I love that the berries came on the plant.  Why not buy that one?  It’s obviously healthy, and we got “free” berries in the deal.  I know this might not sound like genius-level thinking to you, but just put yourself in my driver’s seat for a minute.  Remember the lack of good sleep for a few nights, the dead car battery, the hot day, the uncertainty about being on time for work.  And then imagine that out of the blue, someone hands you fresh blueberries from your very own property that you didn’t know existed (the berries, not the property).  It was nice.

Also, when we have more blueberries someday, I’m going to try making blueberry ice cubes with half water, half cranberry juice (and don’t forget those berries).  Southern Living told me it’s a good idea, and I believe them.

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