Decadent Strawberry Sammiches

Here’s something that I’ve learned by watching lots of Food Network shows.  If a chef describes a food item as “decadent,” what they mean is that it’s a wonderful combination of unhealthy and delicious. I’ve never heard Giada say that her favorite spinach salad is decadent (unless maybe it has three types of meat and/or cheese smothering all signs of the spinach).

These strawberry sandwiches, also known by the name of Strawberry Turkey Brie Panini, are therefore going to be called decadent.  They might just be grilled cheese sandwiches fancified for adults, but I don’t care.  Between the brie, turkey, strawberries, and the hint of spicy peppers, I’m a goner.  The cheese was melty, the bread was crusty, and there was an abundance of flavor.

photo by Jennifer Davick, styling by Leigh Anne Montgomery
photo by Jennifer Davick, styling by Leigh Anne Montgomery

I suddenly wish we had gone to the strawberry farm one more time this summer.  (Did you see the basil leaves in that sandwich?!)

Oh, and the only tweak I made to the excellent Southern Living recipe was in the pepper jelly department.  We didn’t have pepper jelly, but we did have some spicy Chow Chow (pickled relish), and it substituted really well.

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