Shameless Plug for Jim Gaffigan

I usually love sitting down to lunch at work with ye ol’ blog and nothing but time (or more time than I find in other parts of the day).  But today I’m smack dab in the middle of a really good book, so this is going to be short and sweet, y’all.

Meet Jim Gaffigan.


Jim Gaffigan is a comedian and father of five, who also happens to live in New York City with all of those children and his wife in a two-bedroom apartment.  If you haven’t seen or heard him before, you could listen to an interview of him (NPR style) here.  I think he’s pretty darn funny, and he recently wrote a book called Dad is Fat.  Which is also funny.  It includes a lot of the things he covers in his comedy, but there’s new stuff in there, too.  And even the parts I’ve heard before make me laugh the second time around.

So yeah, Jim Gaffigan.  You should read his book.  If the funny part doesn’t pull you in, I’ll give you one more reason to read.  Gaffigan manages to make the picture of his life look simultaneously terrifying, hilarious, and like it might be fun to try out.  I don’t know many people who can talk about parenting in a way that makes me think all of those things.  Usually it’s just all terrifying or all sugary sweet, not a ridiculous adventure that includes fear and happiness all in one.


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