Happy Friday from Desk Critter

I know that stuff can’t make you happy, but I do believe that sometimes the warm fuzzies connected to stuff can be downright overwhelming (in a good way).  Take Desk Critter and friends, for example:


First, you’ve got some pottery that my mom made.  Who wouldn’t want to see that every day?  Then there’s the tiny box that says “Be Happy.”  It was given to me by a family friend who I’ve always thought was the epitome of a classy woman.  I love seeing that tiny spot of gold and enamel on my desk, reminding me of happiness and class.

Last but not least, there’s Desk Critter.  He’s supposed to be a pincushion, but I couldn’t bring myself to put pins into him.  In that one small, mint green mouse, I can connect happy thoughts about my mom and dad (gifters of the mouse) and a ton of good trips around the world (it’s from a trip they took to London).  If I’m really feeling creative, I can think happy thoughts about almost all of my friends and family in relation to some trip or other.  Like I said, that’s a lot of warm fuzzies!

So things can make you happy?  Yay, materialism!  But really, the things are special because of the people they came from.  I like my people, and I hope you get to enjoy your people today, too. 

I also read an article a few years ago that said people who personalize their office spaces tend to be happier employees and stay in their jobs for longer periods of time.  I started bringing personal stuff to work the next day.

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