Vanity of a 29.8-year-old

In general, I like to think of myself as not super vain. (Keeping the bar high, right?) I like pretty clothes, but I also care as much about comfort and machine washableness as I do about pretty. So imagine my surprise when I started considering dying my hair. To cover grey hair. Oh my!

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support the use of hair dye on any person for any reason. I’ve always considered getting highlights or going auburn or a myriad of other hair color choices. When it came down to it, I’ve been too lazy and scared and cheap to dye my hair in the past.

Where does the idea of vanity come into the mix?  Well, I love it when people age gracefully.  I love seeing grey hair on other people–young, old, and in between.  I also love my family, and grey hair at a young age is a family tradition.  Because of that, I always thought I would just go with it when grey hair came my way.  My plan was to not care and move on with life.

But then I saw a whole passel of grey hairs right next to each other. I never knew that grey hair multiplies like rabbits. Seriously, how did that happen overnight?  And since when did 29.8 count as “aging”?!  I suppose I’ll feel exactly the same way when I’m 39.8 and 49.8 and 59.8.

I’m considering bold headbands and sparkly clips.

photo from the Garlands of Grace Etsy shop
photo from the Garlands of Grace Etsy shop

I’m considering pretending that grey is blonde. (“Look at all of those natural blonde highlights I suddenly have!”  I have a strong imagination.)  I’m trying to stick with my guns on the hair dye issue.  I know I would get lazy and cheap again in the near future, so I might as well just go with it now.  I’m just really struggling with the whole “be cool with it and move on” thing.  Dang vanity.

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  1. doug kiesewetter says:

    Gray is your middle name. Embrace it.

    Grey-headed Dad

    1. Excellent point, Grey-headed Dad. I didn’t mention the name because it kind of means I have to embrace my destined hair color. Also, you are one of my very favorite examples of awesome grey-headedness. Thanks.

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