Real Life and Other Stuff

In real life, I’m eating leftovers for dinner (which is really a wonderful thing… tasty food, no cooking, husband who is okay with leftovers).  I’m also minorly obsessing over the fact that I keep forgetting to change my Fantasy Nascar drivers before the weekly deadline.  It’s really cutting into my points total, and I’ve got to get it together soon.  I can’t handle the idea of coming in 8th out of 8 people in my competitive pool.  

Between leftovers and fantasy sports, I’m gearing up for a big “get rid of things I don’t need” spree.  I’ve got a bag full of clothes I haven’t worn in years, and it feels great.  

In my fantasy life, I’m also gearing up for a season full of this: 

photo from Pinterest (via

Delicious food, healthy plants, a relaxed atmosphere.  I can smell the hope of spring and summer, but it keeps moving just out of reach.  Snow tomorrow at the very end of March?  Sure, why not?!  

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