When My Blog Grows Up

I was looking for recipe inspiration today (grocery store day got delayed to Tuesday, so the recipe hunt is on), when I ran into this little gem:

photo from The Forest Feast (you can get there by clicking on the picture)

Sure, it might just look like a cookbook, but it’s also a beautiful blog.  I love it!  I might not have tested a single recipe, but the photography/watercolor combination is enough to get my vote.  Add trees and food to the mix, and I’m a total goner.  I’ll try a recipe soon.  But today, I just want to say that when my blog grows up, I want it to look like this blog.  Okay, like this blog plus a few pictures of our dog taking naps. 

After I had that thought (about the blog, not the dog), I considered how much time it would take for me to create a watercolor heading for each recipe I post.  Right, that’s why I don’t paint watercolor headings and recipes and such.  You would get a weekly recipe at best, maybe a monthly recipe.  For now, we’ll stick to the marginally attractive options that get food to the people.  Personally, I vote food over perfection. 

It’s nice to see perfection out there in the world though.  [I would like to note that as I typed that last sentence, I dumped my cold leftovers out of their Tupperware, into my lap.  I won’t ever reach perfection.  I might, however, achieve watercolor headings and better photography.  The end.]

We’re also trying a recipe this week from this food blog: The Smitten Kitchen.  Mmm.  Fancy.

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