Guest Bedroom Paintover

This wasn’t quite a makeover, because only a few things changed in the room between the before and the after.  But it is definitely a change.  This was the guest bedroom a month or so ago:


Sure, the messy bed in the middle of the room wasn’t a great decorative start.  Those peachy yellow walls are what I wanted to get rid of, however.  In pictures, I don’t hate it that much.  In person, it just made me think, “Yuck.”  Why live with yuck if you can change it in a weekend?


This was another reason we painted.  Do you see that reddish mystery stain?  There are lots of those around the house, and I can’t for the life of me figure out what they are.  I think there was a table here.  Maybe.  Was it made of clay?  Did it get hit frequently?  No idea.

And now, I proudly present our dark taupe/light brown/something I like walls:

What’s the real name of “dark taupe/light brown”?  In this case, it’s Oyster Shell by Olympic, which is sold at Lowe’s.  It’s even better in person.  I love it, and it covered really well.  We only had to do one real coat of paint with a solid half-coat to finish it off.  That picture above is what you see when you open the door to the room.  I also really like my Grandma’s bedroom furniture that’s in this room.  It’s my favorite kind of mid-century modern.

after window

I might switch out those curtains at some point.  I made them for a window seat at our old house, hence the length.  I was honestly just too lazy to hem them before I put them up today.


Up close and personal with Harve the Mouse, potential patron saint of our guests.


Peanut is keeping a less watchful eye on things than Harve.  He sat there and immediately looked glassy-eyed and sleepy.  Peanut takes after his father when it comes to degree of care regarding decorations.  They get away with it because they’re handsome.


This is what used to be in the window of the guest bedroom.  It’s plastic and has a slightly different shade of white synthetic trim that was about 80% attached.  Double yuck.

The funny thing is, I replaced this lovely $8 window treatment with a $4 window treatment.  I looked at my options at Target and at Home Depot, and I just wasn’t thrilled with what I saw.  I was thrilled with the $4 price tag on the “temporary” white paper option.  Sure, it clips up with white plastic clips (that I can easily hide behind the curtains that are now hanging in front of it).  But there’s something about the sun streaming through simple white paper that I like.  And if I can like my option for that little money, it makes sense to go in that direction.  We might get real blinds someday, but not anytime soon.

after sunlight

The end.  Sort of.  Now all we need is real, live guests to try out the newly decorated room.  We also put new slats in the bed to sweeten the deal (read: Scott fixed the old slats, and I had very little to do with the fix).  Sure, guests used to fall through to the floor during their morning stretch.  Not anymore.  Thanks to the practical/decorating combo of Scott and Hannah, our guest room now works better and looks better.

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