New Colors for the New Year

I’ve been putting off painting for a while.  I mean, we have been taking down walls and painting cabinets and getting new jobs and such.  But really, I think it’s about time we got down to some wall painting.

I find myself trying to be more careful with paint colors this time around.  In our last house, I was making choices all by myself.  I was also painting all by myself and spending money on paint all by myself.  If I messed up (which did happen a few times), I could always just go get another bucket of paint and take care of business.

So with my newfound paint commitment issues, I’ll present my leading ideas.  Now I just need to find the exact shade of paint that goes with each idea.  Simple, right?

Living room/kitchen (2/3 of the great room–complete with future window shades and curtains in that color and white cabinets):

photo from Apartment Therapy

Dining room above the chair rail (lower part of the wall matching the rest of the kitchen/living room area, stencil above, either in a brown-ish color like this or in a pretty green):

photo from Pinterest

Downstairs guest bedroom (complete with green and taupe curtains in a different print, same colors as this picture):

photo from Pinterest

I’m feeling fairly certain about the two main colors, less sure about the whole stencil thing.  At least it would be easier to change than wallpaper, right?  I can’t wait to paint.  Once we’ve painted, I can start putting up blinds and curtains, and A) there will be fewer random things filling up our closets, and B) we’ll be a lot closer to finishing lots of rooms in the house.  Woohoo!

So off-white and brown.  Yup.  I might be more timid about color in my old age, but I think those are some pretty nice options.

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