Tea Time at the Library (+Blackberry Cornbread Recipe)

Tonight is Downton Abbey night at the library, which I think is pretty fantastic.  We’ll be watching the last three episodes of Downton Abbey Season 3 and drinking tea and munching on cookies.  What better way to get ready for the US Season 4 premier on January 5?  (Yes, I will gladly advertise the season premier without being paid.  Also, if you haven’t ever watched Masterpiece Classic, it’s about time you tried it out.  They’re almost always good.)

tea cupI brushed up on my tea-drinkin’ skills over Christmas, as evidenced above.  I think the Crawleys might let me have a cup of tea with them now.  And I practiced my Masterpiece Classic viewing skills yesterday with a huge dose of Little Dorrit.  (Scott decided that if you watch all 14 episodes of Little Dorrit in one day, it becomes Big Dorrit.)  So even though drinking tea and watching TV require no specialized skills, I’m definitely ready.

Do I lose high society points for eating my lunch with a teeny, tiny plastic spork?  It’s about 2.5 inches of spork, and it’s all I could find in my purse today.  I might be drinking tea with the servants after all.  That’s okay.  I like Anna and most of the other downstairs folks.

If I were having a Downton tea party at our house, I can tell you that there would be blackberry cornbread involved.


There are blackberries lurking right under the surface of that cornbread, I promise.  My mom made this over the holidays, and it was delicious.  I don’t even like cornbread most of the time, and I had seconds.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find her recipe, but this recipe looks close.

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