DIY Fraud

I love cooking, and I love painting, and sometimes I love a random craft project.  Sometimes. 

Yesterday I went to Michael’s to conquer a craft project that would end with 11 bars of homemade soap for friends and family this Christmas.  I was planning to go with a nice lemon soap, complete with lemon rind in the soap.  Yay!!!

recipe and photo from

Then I realized that to buy the materials right then and there, I would have to spend about $49.  Minimum.  Then I thought about making all of those bars of soap with the small soap mold that the $49 would buy (along with other materials).  I would have to make soap every night for at least three nights, maybe more.  And when I thought about losing $49 and three whole nights of free time, I made an executive decision.  Fancy soap from the store would be just fine.

I apologize to all friends and family who were slated for homemade soap and will instead be receiving a very nice bar of store-bought peppermint soap. But really, it’s better for everyone.  Instead of soap that may or may not be good quality and may or may not make you sticky with real lemon, you will be receiving a bar of something that people have bought for several years and reviewed well.  We saved money and time and left the DIY plans for next Christmas.

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