Procrastination Holiday Style

Well, Christmas is almost here again.  I love it, I really do.  I even like making the Christmas list (the grown-up one that has other people’s names on it).  Since today is my day off instead of Saturday, I took the morning to work through the list to make sure everything is getting done and ordered and mailed, etc.

Then I went to a few websites to order some of the remaining items on the list, and imagine my surprise when the website told me I was doing some last-minute shopping.  WHAT?  It’s only December 13.  We have at least 8 days before anything should be considered last-minute.  Come on, people.  They obviously don’t know what real procrastination looks like.

photo from
photo from

Real procrastination looks like not ordering things in time to wrap them yourself.  Sorry, nieces and nephew!  Real procrastination looks like buying supplies for those homemade gifts in mid-December.  (Yes, today is homemade gift-making day, too.)  Real procrastination looks like all of those January and February gifts that my friends have cheerfully accepted in years past.  Thanks, friends!


And before those January presents become a reality again, it’s time for me to hit up a craft store.  Merry shopping, y’all!  Need something artsy?  I know where you could shop: shameless advertising for my shop.

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