Christmas Baking (Stage 1)

Friday marks a big event in my “moving to a new place” timeline.  It will be one of the first large social events I’m attending on my own.  Since it’s a ladies’ Christmas party, I think going without Scott is probably the best answer.

This particular Christmas party also means it’s baking time, since the party has a baked goods exchange and a white elephant gift exchange.  That brings us to the fun part of the post.

In grad school, I wasn’t much of a chef. I mean that. Peanut probably ate a lot better than I did with his perfectly nutritionally balanced dry kibbles. I did have one culinary outlet, however–baking snacks for the choir I sang in. I loved singing in the choir, and I loved baking things every once in a while.

One of my favorite recipes from that era is this one for Applesauce & Cinnamon Cupcakes. Don’t be scared off by the “cupcake” label. They’re not super sweet, and I think they’re really more like a muffin.

apple muffins
photo from

My favorite thing about these cupcakes is the apple on top.  It makes the texture of the cupcakes much more interesting, and it’s also pretty.  My second favorite thing?  The applesauce content.  The flavor is great, and it’s a healthier way to add moisture than many other muffin recipes.

Since someone in my household [cough*Scott] doesn’t like raisins, I might substitute dried cranberries there.  Who knows.  It’ll be an adventure.

Next on my holiday baking list?  German Christmas Stollen and some peanut buttery cookies that Scott politely requested.  I am not going to turn down a polite request for delicious cookies.

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