Fifteen Days of Remodeling Turns Into Thirty Plus

I did my fair share of blog reading before we started our kitchen cabinet project.  I wanted to see what paints and techniques had worked for other people, and I needed some photo inspiration to get the courage for our own project.

It worked.  I heard about other people’s problems and pitfalls and how they solved them.  And I finally got ready to take things apart.

My favorite step by step instructions are from Young House Love.  They’re pretty good at the whole kitchen remodel thing, and they’ve done it more than once with great results.  

photo from Young House Love


See?  Pretty.  But if you look at the timeline for one of their kitchen redo projects, it says they took things apart, painted, and put things back in place in 15 days.  What?!  On top of having jobs and a baby.  At this point, I think we’re going on 36 days (sans baby).  Granted, we haven’t been entirely time-efficient with our project.  There have been days that included too many other things to add painting and sanding and such on top of normal life.  But still.  Doing the entire project in 15 days (including a few days for the paint to cure before remounting the cabinet doors) seems like super hero project time to me.

It turns out that some people work on projects at warp speed, and Scott and Peanut and I do not work at warp speed.  The good news is that I think we only have one more coat of paint for the cabinet door fronts.  The number went up because of some late in the game sanding and color bleeding that’s happened.  So maybe only 3 more days?  We’ll see.  I hear that remodeling projects usually take longer than expected with contractors, too, so at least we’re working within normal parameters.  

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