Felt Fall Festiveness

We’ve been focusing on the practical side of our house remodel lately–taking out wallboard and sanding things and such.  What I really love are the pretty aspects of projects, so today, before I get down and dirty with some primer and some cabinet bases, I’m going to pretend I have all the time in the world to focus on the pretty.

If our kitchen (and lots of other projects) were in order the way we’d like them to be someday, I like to think I would be learning how to make a felt garland right now.

photo by Pam Garrison

I would go a little bit less pink, a little bit more orange and brown and yellow–traditional fall stuff.  But I do like this felt garland more than others I’ve seen, even with the bright spots of pink.  It’s a bit three-dimensional thanks to the wire (instead of string or ribbon or yarn), and that gives the leaves a bit of a real-life-crinkly-leaf look.  

There are lots of great DIY ideas on Pam Garrison’s blog.  When I someday get the construction dirt cleaned up, I might even make place cards for Thanksgiving (even though they’re not at all needed for our super relaxed crowd of loved ones… I’ll get enough happiness from them for everybody).

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