Chicken Posole for a Cool Fall Night

I think Chicken Posole might be my new favorite substitute for chicken noodle soup and chicken tortilla soup.  I used a recipe from The New Way to Cook Light, and you can find that recipe here.

It looks like this in the bowl:

photo by John Autry
photo by John Autry

It tastes like flavorful chicken goodness.  Using the chicken from a rotisserie chicken is nice (read: convenient), and the lack of additional sodium is extra nice.  The radishes on top are surprisingly tasty, too.  Oh, and this is the recipe that calls for tomatillas that got me to the stuffed peppers with tomatillas awesomeness.  Thanks for the inspiration, Cooking Light!

We had the chicken posole on the first really chilly night of the season, and it kept me all warm inside.

Then we went for a hike yesterday to see some fall colors, and I got all cool on the outside.  Also good.

Fuzzy foreground fingers, but at least the sign is nice and crisp to go with the air!


We even got to see one spot with the trifecta of awesome tree colors.  All I could ask for later was a warm bowl of chicken posole.  (Too bad it only makes 4 servings.  I’ll be doubling the recipe next time.)

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