Progression of Prices

Okay, I know that kitchen cabinet hardware isn’t the most thrilling topic in the world.  As a general topic, it isn’t even that close to my “Top 100” list.  It is, however, awesome if you’re looking for cabinet hardware yourself.  With that in mind, I’m sorry for what you’re about to read.  Feel free to come back when there’s something more fun on here.  I might make another cake soon.  We’re only halfway finished with the last one, but you never know.

About that hardware… The kitchen remodeling adventure continues.  Plans are changing, leaning more towards refinishing what we have, and I kind of like the new plan.  It means less “new and shiny,” but it also means I can start the project sooner and with far less money-spending guilt.  Less money-spending guilt is appreciated.

Fortunately, any remodeling plan involves new cabinet hardware.  Today has involved thousands of pictures of cabinet hardware, and now I have it narrowed down to a few finalists.  I started the search with the handles I know I love:

photo from

I happen to think they’re almost perfect (in a non-brass color).  I love the simple vibe.  They look like they came straight out of a small-town hardware store in 1920.  At $9 per piece, they look slightly less fun, however.  I’ll admit that I haven’t totally ruled them out.

But after a pretty legit search, I found these:

photo from

At $5.79 each, I’m excited about these, too.  They’re still simple, and their finish fits the design plan (matching the light fixtures in rooms you can see from the kitchen, definitely not matching the bright brass doorknobs).  Good and good.

Then came these:

photo from

They’re a little more decorative than I planned to go, but they’re $3.76 each, and they still have the shape I like.  I thought about going with bar pulls that aren’t curved like these, but I’ve ripped two pairs of perfectly good shorts on our current bar pulls.  Nothing but smooth edges for me now.  (See, totally practical.)

There are still a ton of choices to make before the project actually begins, but at least I’ve got a handle on it.  (Ha ha ha.)  Couldn’t resist.  Now I have to go live real life for a while.  No more hypothetical kitchen life.

You know what’s the best thing about a kitchen that hasn’t been remodeled since 1975?  You can still make delicious food there.

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