What Would You Do: Front Door Color

Okay, here’s the question of the day: what color should I paint our front door?  Right now, it’s a dark red that’s almost maroon, but not quite.  It’s a nice color, but there are large holes in the door where the previous owner had a brass pineapple door knocker.  And the door color just isn’t us (spoken on behalf of my husband, who couldn’t care less about the color of our front door).  Okay, it just isn’t me.

It’s not that it’s a bad color.  But the house is red brick that’s more brown-based than red.  See:


Right now, I feel like the door is just a darker version of the house, and it needs a dose of bright and fresh instead.  It needs something different to feel young and full of life.

I was originally thinking green.  True, there’s lots of green around the house, between the grass and trees and shrubbery.  But green looks great with brick.  See:

image from modernjanedesign.blogspot.com… really like her blog!

The colors aren’t right next to each other, but take my word for it that the green looks great with the brick.  We also have a dark grey/black roof and black shutters to work with, in addition to white trim and columns.  The white that’s around our door will stay, but I do intend to paint the storm door the same color as the main door.  I think that makes the door look like it has proper proportions.

So I’m (we’re) considering green.  Scott voted for that yesterday, until I proposed orange as another option.  He likes orange because it’s one half of his school colors, and Scott is nothing if not a loyal fan.  I like that.

image from trulia.com
image from athousandlaughingstarfish.blogspot.com

The list now includes green and orange.  Then as soon as I narrow down the options, I want to branch out again.  I really like the way this looks:

image from photosfromwinchester.blogspot.co.uk

I love the light greenish grey, but I think it’s maybe not bright enough for the “fresh, young” house facelift.  But then there’s dark grey-ish blue:

image from houzz.com


Really nice, right?  Classic, a tiny bit modern (although that might have more to do with the building and trim than the paint color combo).

I’m still leaning green.  The orange is too close to the brick color for me to be really enthusiastic about it.  It is so darn full of life though.  The other colors might not have enough punch.  But I really love them all.  What would you do?


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  1. Abigail & Amalie says:

    We like the green! It is bright and cheerful. It will look great all year long 🙂

    1. I love that Amalie is voting with you, and I agree that the green is an all-seasons friendly choice. Can’t wait to see you both sometime before too long!

  2. Trisha Paine says:

    I found your blog post via google, as I have the exact same house. We are adding black shutters to the house and trying to figure out what color to paint our now black door. We were thinking about black again or front door red (darker red). Interested in hearing what color you selected and to see if you have a picture?

    1. This is what we went with in the end (picture in post): https://smallbutvaluable.com/2013/10/10/front-door-ta-da/. It has grown on me more and more over the past year. I do think that black or a dark red would be really beautiful though. Those options would go with the black shutters well and make the house look very classic. My goal was something a little bit different that would complement the brick well, so the bright green was a win on that front. We also added some black window boxes recently, and they’re a fun addition to the black shutters. I hope you love whatever you pick!

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