Dinner del Diablo

We’ve tried lots of new recipes during the current corporate housing adventure.  It’s one way to make things a little bit more exciting.  For the most part, the recipes have been a success, with a few definite winners that will go into our future recipe rotation (stuffed chicken and tacos with radish salsa were my personal favorites… mmm).  There have been a few notable failures, however, and one of those happened on Saturday night.

Saturday started out strong, with the Horse and Hound Wine Festival in a nearby town.  Our dog Peanut tried out an obstacle course for the first time (I think it’s technically called something else, but I’m not sure what).  He even made it halfway through the rabbit chase course.  We were pretty proud.  And we got to drink tasty wine while cheering on everyone’s dogs.  

Then we came home feeling great, ready for steak time.  We had been waiting for this steak kebab recipe and a good, sunny evening for nearly a week, so the anticipation had built.  

photo by Christopher Baker

The recipe was for steak and jalapeno kebabs with a watermelon and mint salad on the side.  On paper, I thought the watermelon and mint would be a perfect balance for the spice of the jalapeno kebab.

On paper.  

The first two or three jalapeno slices that I ate weren’t that hot, but that next one was a doozy.  My lips felt like they were on fire and growing rapidly.  I couldn’t seem to breath enough to get the fire out of my system.  Whew.  I think I said “That was bad,” 20+ times to Scott in the next five minutes.

All of that to say that I’m a proud survivor of half-jalapeno kebabs.  So is Scott.  He handled the heat in a much more manly, stoic way than I did, but we both stopped eating the jalapeno slices and concentrated on the steak and watermelon.  

Let’s hope that the next meal is just as delicious and nutritious, less adventure-filled. 

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