Back to Work (At Home)

Thursday was painting the porch day (one coat then, one on Saturday, only a tiny bit of trim left to paint before the job is complete).  I’ll post pictures when the project is done.  But the truly exciting part of the week was Friday, which turned into painting painting day.  “Painting painting” day is not to be confused with a day in which I painted things that were already painted.  Nope.  I painted some watercolors, which is arguably my job at the moment.

Things went as usual for a while.  I painted a few things that I kind of liked, a few that are downright terrible, and I sketched a bit in between.  Then when it was starting to get dark, and I was starting to get hungry, an amazing thing happened.  Not only did my inner hulk not come out because of low blood sugar, I also painted/drew something that I genuinely like.

It’s been a while since I created something I was proud of (in the watercolor realm), and I feel overwhelmingly relieved.  Whew.

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