Family Vacation

Family vacation ended a few short days ago, and all of that happy laziness that got stored up made the end of the week pretty great, too.  There’s a lot more happy lazy time in general now than there was a month ago, but there’s something different about vacation laziness.

In this case, we were being lazy with family members–first Scott’s family at one beach for a few days, then my family at another beach for a few days.  Collective laziness is social and constructive in a way that singular laziness just isn’t.  If you boiled my vacation summary down to a few sentences, I think I would just stop there.  We had such a wonderful time talking to family and spending quality time with them.  On the activities list were bocce ball, sitting on sand, wading in shallow waves, braving bigger waves, a little bit of TV, kayaking, tennis, and plenty of munching on delicious food.

In addition to all of the warm fuzzies provided by family time, I’m proud of having some semblance of a tan for the first time in several years.  I used to tan well in high school, and then I got to college and grad school and spent more and more of each summer indoors.  I went from regular tennis with my BFF to learning about statistics and research methods.  Then the “real world” happened, and I couldn’t seem to get enough sun on weekends to get past the pasty white stage.

Not so today.  I’m at least two shades past pasty white.  Woohoo!  [Okay, I know that it’s healthier for your skin to be pasty white at all times.  If you’re concerned about my danger of getting cancer, I can assure you that I will be pale again in no time flat.]

So there you are.  A slightly tanner, slightly more active version of me is back home, getting things done.

We didn’t document our vacation all that well, even though we had not one, but two cameras with us.  So enjoy windblown me atop a lighthouse:

Like I said, windblown (and happy).

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