Not-So-Super Snail Day

In retrospect, yesterday was a little bit like Superhuman Hannah Day.  I raced around from one library location to another, installing software like my life depended on it.  To say the least, I had my game face on.

Today, however, I’m back to very human status.  That tired thing that hit last night never really went away, and my body hates me for being anywhere other than my bed.  So what’s a girl to do when she still has about 99 loose ends to tie up after a huge work week?  Press on at very human speed, which might be closer to snail speed today.

I’ve accepted the idea that I only have Superhuman Hannah powers on special occasions, and I’m inching along, updating the last computers that were left out yesterday for various reasons.  (That’s a super snail below, in case you couldn’t tell.)

photo from Shartreuse: a life in pictures

I’m also looking forward to a weekend filled with non-work activities and free of dread.  Last weekend kept reminding me what was coming up on Monday.  Yuck.

So what are my big plans?  Well, they include a few fun house projects (that involve spray paint… if they turn out well, I’ll post pictures).  They also include well-wishing actions on Sunday.  Mom deserves a shout-out.  The plans also include naps, a baseball game with the youth group, hanging out with people I like a lot, and getting as much sun as possible.  It’s about time to banish this library pasty-white skin for a few months.  Ooh, and I might sneak in some listening time.  I got Tina Fey’s Bossypants on CD while I was doing updates at another library branch, and it’s fantastic.  She reads it herself, and it makes me want to drive around the block a few times before I get home.  Except for today.  Today, I want my couch/bed/horizontal surface.

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