Updates and Upgrades and Installations, Oh My!

Today was super scary work day number three this week (week-o-updates-and-installations).  You know how things are always worse when you don’t know what’s coming, and then the actual situation is happening and everything is manageable?  That was today.

I actually didn’t want to go home yesterday, because it meant I had to go to sleep to wake up to go to work again this morning.  Today could have been bad.  The library technically could have lost tons of data and productive time and really bad stuff.  But it didn’t.

So far, there’s only one teeny, tiny glitch to work out (on one machine, not all of them), and people have been nice all day.  Double victory.  But now, at 6:23 P.M., I’ve been scurrying around in my best “don’t hate me because I’m scurrying” fashion since 7:45 this morning, and I’m tired.  I’m waiting for 3 computers to update, and then there are only 2 left.  Things are winding down, which is great.

You know what happens when I get hungry, right?  My brain shuts down, and I get either sad or easily upset, and it’s just about that time.  I’m hoping that if I stay quiet while these last installations happen, nobody will notice. 

What?  This post is really poorly organized and not all that enthralling?  Welcome to my day.

I can say with glee that at the end of today, I can sleep well knowing that I worked ridiculously hard and that tomorrow will be better.  That’s plenty for me to be happy about.

Over and out.

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