Oreo Cookies in the Workplace

I bought Oreo Cookies for our youth group snack a few weeks ago, then remembered that I wasn’t responsible for snacks that week.  What I should have done at that point is put the cookies in my pantry and save them for the next time I did have snack responsibilities.

Instead, I took the box to work and proceeded to eat them in no time flat.  Well, that’s kind of true.  I ate the first two sections in a day each, then took a break for several days and polished off the final third a few minutes ago.

My real commentary isn’t on gluttony or how much the youth group accidentally influences my diet.  It’s way more shallow than that.

There I was, sitting at my desk, thinking about how much I like Oreos, when I remembered the downside of that fake chocolatey goodness.  Remember those chocolate bits that get stuck everywhere in your mouth when you eat Oreo Cookies?  Yeah.  It’s tough to be professional when you’re greeting people with an Oreo smile.  This is approximately what I looked like:

image from blogher.com

Fairly accurate.  Fortunately, I have better manual dexterity and more self-awareness than most small children, so I can use a mirror to fix problems like that.

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