Stinging, Flying Things

Yesterday at 3:45 PM, I was supposed to be making dinner for a weekly meeting, but instead, I found myself desperately trying to rid my house of stinging, flying things.

I discovered two maybe wasps (not the right shape to be bees?) in my living room, trying their hardest to get out a closed window.  I panicked for a few seconds, called Scott just to make sure that my only options were in fact getting them out my door (taking screens out didn’t seem like a viable option) or killing them.  Yup, those were my choices.  Then I went to work with my broom to get them out from behind the blinds and my flip-flop for killing purposes.  It was a serious task that unfortunately took me about 25 minutes to finish.  That second wasp was sneaky.

The door was open the whole time, just in case they decided they would rather escape and live.  I would have been fine with that option, they just didn’t follow the guidance of my broom very well.

I moved on to extremely rushed cooking, which miraculously turned out fine.  When I was a few minutes away from running out the door, hot casserole in hand, I heard more buzzing from the living room.  This time I knew what I was doing, so it only took a minute to get rid of the darn thing.  At that point, it was really time to leave, and I heard buzzing again.  I left that wasp to live a little while longer, only it wasn’t around when I got home several hours later.

Were they there because of the changing seasons or our first warmer temperatures outside?  Did I paint my trim with something like catnip for wasps?  I need to come up with a game plan so I don’t freak out every time I hear a wasp in my house, as it seems like that might happen again soon.

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