Picture Week: One Step Too Many

I was getting Peanut’s breakfast, feeling confident about the morning.  In a rare fit of timeliness, I was ready for work a good ten minutes before I had to leave the house, and I was happily contemplating making a cup of coffee when my toe snagged on the stair tread between the pantry and the kitchen.

My body didn’t gracefully fall to the floor so much as it crashed.  Left knee on tile, shin shoved soundly into two different stair treads.  It didn’t feel good.  Peanut was very obliging though.  He ate his breakfast wherever it fell all around the kitchen.

photo by frosty_white_raven

Those aren’t my kitchen stairs.  Good guess.  They are stairs, however, and thus loosely related to today’s mini-saga.  They’re also pretty.

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