Picture Week: Sweaters and Chicken Soup

It’s cold again in Virginia.  It warmed up to the seventies for a day or two to tease us into Spring bliss, and then it went down to the thirties again (not as a high though–thank goodness!).  I should be coping with that by wearing things like this:

photo by HappilyKnit

Instead, I’m wearing short sleeves like an idiot.  I do have big plans to make some form of chicken soup tonight, however.  That should make up for the stupid clothing choice.  Check out these easy recipes:

  1. Chicken and tortellini soup
  2. Chicken and dumplings

Thanks, Real Simple!

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  1. Maggie says:

    I stopped wearing a coat after it got to 75 one day. Then it was in the high 30s for multiple days in a row, and I realized I was stupid and needed to take my coat out of the closet. Hopefully the sweaters and coats can be retired soon for both of us, though! 🙂

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