For once, the term awake isn’t referring to something I wish I would be in the morning.  Nope, this time it’s about my garden (and gardens in most places around this time of year).

If you wanted to be polite, you could describe my 2010 effort at gardening as “novice.”   I pulled off some ridiculously prolific tomato plants, a nice basil plant, and a few new something or others in the front garden.  Then sometime in the fall, everything went kaput.

I know about growing seasons and dormant plants and all that jazz.  My mom’s a great gardener, so I’ve heard about those things a time or two before.  Only when it wasn’t my garden, I didn’t pay all that much attention to those life cycles, I just knew they existed.

When my plants lost their leaves, I chalked it up to my poor gardening and decided not to worry about it for a while.  As it turns out, that was a great plan.  I got home from Colorado on Monday, and all of a sudden my spirea had leaves again, my snap dragons were miraculously green, and a few other plants had reappeared out of the ground, too.

photo by nathansnostalgia

Spring really is pretty amazing, isn’t it?!  I’m excited about it.  This weekend, I’m hoping to plant some okra and basil seeds, and I might chop down the wild onions that are growing among my almost-alive-again grass.  The onions provided some much-needed green for a while, but I think their time is almost up.

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