Back to Life, Back to Reality

Last week (which was so sad and empty on my blog) was full and happy in real life.  After a few days of work, I took off on an adventure in Colorado as planned with Scott, a few of our mutual friends from this area, and some of his friends from college.


image from The Snow Junkies

I don’t think I can really describe how much fun the trip was in one giant summary, so you might get a few highlights later.  For now, I’ll give you bullet points:


  • I’m a much happier skier at age twenty-six than I was at twenty-one, which was the last time I hurtled down a snow-covered mountain on purpose.  I actually had a great time skiing for a full day with a few different friends.
  • Bluegrass music is awesome, especially when you walk out of a concert and run into an amazing view of snowy mountains in moonlight.
  • Doing a whole bunch of nothing at your parents’ house for a few days is a highly undervalued vacation plan.  Before the hurtling down mountains and the late night/early flight combo, I was actually really well rested.  It was a short window, but it felt good.

And now it’s back to more normal pursuits like clean laundry and being on time for work.  If only they awarded awesomeness points for laundry like they do for different types of ski slopes.  “Yeah, I got a double black diamond load of laundry done last night.  There were so many stains, and I had to stack things up above my nose to get them up the stairs.”

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