Can’t Say I Didn’t Try: Caffeine Edition

I wasn’t feeling inspired to write yesterday.  In fact, I wasn’t feeling inspired to do much of anything other than limp through the work day.

There wasn’t a reason for my day to be bad.  I got to work on time (just in the nick of time), and things went relatively smoothly once I was there.  And yet.

By the time I was driving to one of our other library branches for a site visit in the afternoon (read: taking a grown-up field trip to fix things), I was very nearly in tears.  No reason, just a mess.

In that moment of weakness, I realized that Starbucks was coming up on the right side of the road.  It would only be a 5 minute stop, and I’m allowed two 15-minute breaks a day in normal work land.  I also had a Starbucks gift card in my purse.  Thanks, Mom!  It was all too perfect, so I caved and stopped in to visit the local baristas.

Yes, I made it a day and a half without caffeine, and I’m pretty sure I don’t feel bad about that.  About five minutes after I drank some of the delicious, sweet coffee, I felt miraculously better.  The knowledge that there wasn’t anything wrong with my day finally connected with whatever wonky emotions were going on, and all was right with the world.

The conclusion that I came to is that maybe I should wean myself off of caffeine slowly.  Going from two or three (or more) caffeinated beverages a day to zero caffeinated beverages a day is  shock to the system.  It is disturbing how dependent you can become on things that seem like a small part of your life.  Caffeine and carbs are high on my list.

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