Person of Wal-Mart

Okay, I didn’t wear anything particularly hideous to Wal-Mart today, but I did make a stop there during my half-hour lunch break.  I was in desperate need of Coke Zero, or so I thought.

I walked and walked and walked.  Who knew that the soft drinks were a mile and a half from the entrance?  People should be svelte at Wal-Mart, not morbidly obese.  I guess you have to consider the walking distance and the cart contents though, not just the walking distance by itself.  So anyway, I walked for a while.  I decided to go for a slight switch-up with my caffeine intake, grabbed a case of Diet Dr. Pepper, and walked back to the cash register area.

When I got to the car to open the case of drinks and immediately consume one, I realized that I bought not Diet Dr. Pepper, but Caffeine Free Diet Dr. Pepper.  So much for feeding my addiction, right?

Also, this woman makes me laugh.  I bet her kid is having a great time.

photo from PeopleofWalmart


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