Before and After (without actual pictures)

I intended to tell you a funny story about getting my hair cut yesterday, but it turns out that my brain went to mush during the work day.  Instead of a long, semi-humorous saga, you’re going to get a short, sweet, to the point version of the story.

I always forget to get haircuts.  In fact, I’ve been forgetting since June 2010.  That’s eight months, people!  My hair is super curly, so it wasn’t a pretty picture.

I’m glad that phase is over for now.  Getting a haircut is so simple, yet I can never remember to add it to my to do list.  [Shrug.]

I probably used the word “lazy” at least a dozen times to describe my hair maintenance to the lady at the salon.  There has to be a better way to describe that situation.  Maybe I’ll start going with, “I prioritize other things.”  That means that I would rather spend my time doing almost anything other than worry about my hair.  I would actually rather do dishes, and that’s a pretty strong statement.

Yep, so there things stand.  Hair crisis has once again been avoided.

On the way home from said hair appointment, I stopped for some super delicious burger and fries action.  This place dumps fries into your takeout bag in addition to your regularly ordered quantity of fries.  I’m a fan.  Then when I got home, my monthly edition of Cooking Light was in the mailbox.  I felt like a fat kid caught with a two-gallon tub of ice cream or something.

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