Best Laid Plans

Have you ever noticed that plans very rarely work out the way you thought they would?  That used to bother me when I thought I should be able to control it, but I recently decided to enjoy the spontaneity instead of letting it mess up my day.

Last night, for example, I was master of my free time.  No one else was scheduled into my life from 8 PM on, and I had plans of my own.  Somehow, despite all of that control, I didn’t make it to the DVD player or the relaxing bath I was hoping to enjoy.  What I did instead was fall asleep on the couch and wake up full of inspiration to put away Christmas lights and ornaments.

photo by alittleshabbyshack

In the past, I might have forced myself to watch Pride and Prejudice after doing Christmas chores, and I would have taken a really quick bath before heading to bed super late.  New Hannah decided to go with the flow and do what I wanted to do.  Relaxation isn’t truly relaxing if you’re doing it out of obligation, right?

There’s so much freedom in doing exactly what you want to do with your time.  Don’t get me wrong, I still feel a strong pull towards chores that I don’t enjoy.  But who says I have to do one chore before another?  They all have to get done, so I might as well do what I feel like doing first.

I use the opposite tactic when eating–start with the least favorite items on the plate and work towards one perfect last bite.  It works out.  There’s really no point in doing gross chores first though.  I won’t enjoy fun chores more if I save them for last.

So yeah, that’s it.  I’m glad I’m not a schedule fanatic anymore.  It’ll all get done eventually.

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