Scenery Time

images from SitaSays (although I assume they're ultimately from Focus Features)

It’s one of those days/weeks that requires a whole lot of nothing when you get home.  Except that I’ve got a whole lot of something to do that I’ve been avoiding for a while.  I think the week before Thanksgiving was the last time I truly cleaned the house.  Yuck.

Anyway, as I’ve been figuring out which phone should be moved to which desk so that the least amount of reprogramming of phones has to happen (one of many fun tasks today), I’ve been thinking a lot about the scenery and music from the most recent movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.  It’s my favorite book.  I am aware that it’s a totally girly choice.  Oh well.  It’s got amazing dialog, and the main characters are wonderful.  Even the ones you hate most of the time are entirely entertaining.

The BBC version of the movie will always be my favorite because of how closely it sticks to the book, but the more recent version is just gorgeous.  The countryside and the light and just about everything else is perfect.  It makes me feel all relaxed and calm in a few seconds flat.  So I think I’m going to self-medicate tonight.  A little bit of vacuuming, laundry, and Pride and Prejudice.

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