Not Quite as Promised

Okay, that title is just because I promised pictures of the sky from this past weekend.  Scott took some awesome photos of that, which I transferred to my computer.  Everything was fine and dandy until my computer ate those pictures sometime between that moment and this one.  This is the only picture that survived (I blame the fact that I work with computers all day, so when I go home, I choose to mostly ignore what my computer tries to tell me):


There's still a piece of blue sky in there.


I’ll add pictures of the sky soon, I promise.  I just have to convince my computer to behave and go to a wedding in Nashville (me, not the computer) and then I’ll give you pretty Texas scenery to ooh and aah over.  If you don’t think you can wait for beautiful pictures of the sky for that long, check out this recent post on The Pioneer Woman.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Oh, yay. I love a good sky picture, but this one is fantastic! Also, great shoes! (Hannah, that is. Scott, yours are probably great too…just less eye-catching.)

    1. I like the yellow shoes, too. Glad you don’t feel cheated by the lack of sky in that picture, Maggie.

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