I’m among the world’s least likely to have a camera with me at any given moment.  My phone has a camera, but I forget that.  So maybe I should say that I’m among the world’s least likely to take pictures.

Thankfully, there are other people who don’t share my photography problem.  Two of those people at my friend’s wedding last weekend were her engagement picture photographer (who is also a friend and took great pictures at the wedding just for the heck of it) and the actual wedding photographer.  I’m grateful to them, because they’ve provided a bit of visual documentation that I can share with you.  If you want to check out their blogs, you can click the pictures below.

photo by Jeanne Damoff

This is the bride being herself.  She picked these awesome sky-high heels to wear down the aisle, but switched to her cowboy boots at the last minute.  It made me happy, and I’m pretty sure her feet agreed with me.  It also shows you how Jennifer behaved about all things wedding-related.  If one plan didn’t seem all that great, she switched it.  It didn’t matter when the plans changed, she was relaxed and okay with whatever happened next.  If they tried to put that on reality TV, nobody would believe it.

photo by Jeanne Damoff

This is the bride and groom being generally blissful a few minutes after the ceremony.  You can see some of the sunset reflected in the window.  That doesn’t do it justice though.  I’ll post some pictures of that amazing sky tomorrow.

photo by Rachel Robinson Photography

And this is their first dance at the reception.  Jennifer and Landry aren’t big fans of being the center of attention, so the fact that they’re both super happy looking says a lot.  The wedding was truly wonderful, and the expectation of their future life together still is wonderful.  I hate to be borderline cheesy, but this occasion totally calls for it.

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