Season o’ Productivity?

You’re supposed to get all excited about cleaning in the spring, right?  Or you’re supposed to feel morally obligated to clean in the spring, thus “Spring Cleaning.”  I’m sure there’s some good history in that phrase.

I feel like winter gets the award for being the baking/cooking/getting fat season, and summer is the sunshine and all things outside time of year.  Fall is my favorite season, since it’s pretty perfect for all of those previously mentioned things (cleaning aside, as it’s only perfect as a procrastination tool).  I also propose that fall be named the official season of home improvement.  Something about raking leaves and planting bulbs makes me want to patch holes in my ceiling, too.  While I’m at it, what about ripping up my back yard and planning for next year’s garden?

I repotted a plant last night while helping my roommate prep our dinner.  It seemed like a good time to sneak in three minutes of gardening, and that tiny piece of productivity set off all of my temporarily dormant home improvement instincts.

Photo by Robert S. Donovan

I haven’t painted anything in the house since August, I haven’t switched out any light fixtures or put things up on the walls of my bedroom.  I haven’t even sorted through my kitchen cabinets to get rid of stuff I don’t need anymore.

So it’s time.  It’s time for me to stop enjoying my DVR a whole freaking lot and spend a few extra hours in my shed/back yard/on a ladder.  I predict good things as a result.  In fact, I predict that I’m going to meet a very nice electrician in the near future, and the wires that have been hanging out of my guest bedroom ceiling since February will be miraculously connected to a ceiling fan.  Good things.


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  1. codemush says:

    you write so wonderfully, Hannah!

    1. Coming from one of the most creative people I know, that’s a huge compliment. I had no idea you had a blog now. Excited about reading that!

  2. willardscott says:

    It’s sad you don’t know any able-bodied handymen who are able to install ceiling fans. Good luck finding one.

    1. There is this one guy I know. Something about being an engineer and hanging out at my house every once in a while. Hmm. (I hear that my ceiling is absolutely insane though, and that the insanity makes it difficult to install said fan… which is why I thought I would spare the able-bodied handyman in question.)

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