Party Time!

Yesterday was one of the most productive days at home I’ve had in… I don’t know, probably in years.  It was great, and it ended with me falling asleep on the couch next to Peanut.  Christmas tree lit, Miracle on 34th Street on in the background.  It was good stuff.

photo from

photo from

I never believed in Santa, but that is one great Santa.

And now?  Well, now our house is more put together than it has been for months (think: no holes in the floor, no bare stairs, the tools in the living room have decreased from about two dozen to half a dozen), and all of the remaining party prep for Sunday is the most fun stuff–making deviled eggs and such.  Yay for picking foods we can make a few hours before people get to the house.  Yay for the fun part!

Doing the Limbo

Okay, so I’m not dancing around non-stop.  I am, however, hanging out in corporate housing until the closing date on our new house (2.5 weeks!).

New House

New House

This is the sweet life, right?  I don’t have a job, and my list of responsibilities is miniscule.  Laundry and dinner are just about it.  I would say that on average, it takes me 1.5 hours to fold a few loads of laundry and make a tasty dinner.  I’m a slow cooker.  Which leaves a lot of empty hours in the day.  A lot.

To try to remedy the “tons and tons of hours of TV” issue, here are ways I’m trying to stay “busy” these days:

  1. Honing my video game skills so I can compete with Scott at his favorites–NHL and FIFA, to start
  2. Using the Xbox Kinect to work out regularly (those video game trainers are tough with their programmed perfection and their chipper “Want to do another round?” questions)
  3. Field trips to Lowes to narrow down options for future house projects
  4. Naps
  5. Making dinner without the normal tools–not a choice as much as an activity that makes me count down the days until we unpack our kitchen stuff in its new home
  6. Walks with Peanut
  7. Reading a 1200-ish page book that I’ve had on the shelf since 2006
  8. Paperwork for mortgage stuff and other moving-related issues

And there is still SO MUCH TIME left in the day.  I now know the daytime TV schedules for way too many channels.  I even know what’s on the Soap Network from 10 AM to 7 PM.  Oh no!!!  Well, there’s a show on from 5-7 that I do legitimately like.  And there are huge chunks of time that have the same show, and… there’s really no excuse.

So that’s where things stand.  In a slightly fitter, very well-rested, TV-filled limbo.

My favorite part of limbo (other than the extra time with Scott and the naps and the reading) has been daydreaming about our future house.  It’ll be the first house that Scott and I picked together, and that’s exciting.  And with that daydreaming, I get to learn all sorts of things.  The plan is for me to become a construction worker on the house until the biggest projects are complete.  I get to learn how to install hardwood floors and reface kitchen cabinets.  I’m excited about that, I just have to be mildly patient between now and then.  Here goes!

Also, anyone want to buy our old house?  It’s really really cute, in my completely biased opinion, and there’s an almost inexhaustible supply of fresh rosemary in that front garden bed.  And hardwood floors that I didn’t install.  Everything you could ever want.

Old House

Old House (Happy House)

Season o’ Productivity?

You’re supposed to get all excited about cleaning in the spring, right?  Or you’re supposed to feel morally obligated to clean in the spring, thus “Spring Cleaning.”  I’m sure there’s some good history in that phrase.

I feel like winter gets the award for being the baking/cooking/getting fat season, and summer is the sunshine and all things outside time of year.  Fall is my favorite season, since it’s pretty perfect for all of those previously mentioned things (cleaning aside, as it’s only perfect as a procrastination tool).  I also propose that fall be named the official season of home improvement.  Something about raking leaves and planting bulbs makes me want to patch holes in my ceiling, too.  While I’m at it, what about ripping up my back yard and planning for next year’s garden?

I repotted a plant last night while helping my roommate prep our dinner.  It seemed like a good time to sneak in three minutes of gardening, and that tiny piece of productivity set off all of my temporarily dormant home improvement instincts.

Photo by Robert S. Donovan

I haven’t painted anything in the house since August, I haven’t switched out any light fixtures or put things up on the walls of my bedroom.  I haven’t even sorted through my kitchen cabinets to get rid of stuff I don’t need anymore.

So it’s time.  It’s time for me to stop enjoying my DVR a whole freaking lot and spend a few extra hours in my shed/back yard/on a ladder.  I predict good things as a result.  In fact, I predict that I’m going to meet a very nice electrician in the near future, and the wires that have been hanging out of my guest bedroom ceiling since February will be miraculously connected to a ceiling fan.  Good things.


To Do

I recently painted an unused door with chalkboard paint and have been using it primarily as a list spot.  I’m starting to regret that particular use of the space.  Here are a few of the things  posted on it for my day off tomorrow:

  • buy work pants that actually fit
  • buy lawn mower and edger
  • use lawn mower and edger
  • paint upstairs ceiling
  • clean house
  • grocery shopping
  • replace lettuce plants
  • run
  • ironing
  • dry cleaner’s
  • thank you notes
  • mail b-day present to J
  • friend date at 6

Can you see how getting those things done in 14 hours might be problematic?  Maybe it isn’t critical that I replace my lettuce plants.  And I’ve made it for the last year without work pants that fit, what’s another week?

Here’s the list of things I expect to get done tomorrow:

  • buy lawn mower and edger
  • look at upstairs ceiling while thinking about painting it
  • minimal grocery shopping (milk and cereal)
  • run
  • friend date at 6

You don’t need an entire door-sized chalkboard to write that down, now do you?!