To Do

I recently painted an unused door with chalkboard paint and have been using it primarily as a list spot.  I’m starting to regret that particular use of the space.  Here are a few of the things  posted on it for my day off tomorrow:

  • buy work pants that actually fit
  • buy lawn mower and edger
  • use lawn mower and edger
  • paint upstairs ceiling
  • clean house
  • grocery shopping
  • replace lettuce plants
  • run
  • ironing
  • dry cleaner’s
  • thank you notes
  • mail b-day present to J
  • friend date at 6

Can you see how getting those things done in 14 hours might be problematic?  Maybe it isn’t critical that I replace my lettuce plants.  And I’ve made it for the last year without work pants that fit, what’s another week?

Here’s the list of things I expect to get done tomorrow:

  • buy lawn mower and edger
  • look at upstairs ceiling while thinking about painting it
  • minimal grocery shopping (milk and cereal)
  • run
  • friend date at 6

You don’t need an entire door-sized chalkboard to write that down, now do you?!

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  1. trina gay says:

    hi hannah–I love this blog–love trina

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