More Halloween and a Scary Monday Morning Moment

I ended up being too lazy to make a shark costume for myself this weekend, so I went as a ballerina instead.  I’ll be creative next year, I promise.

Then after a morning of church and a shift in the nursery, last night was my turn to dress up as a homeowner with candy while little kids paraded by in their costumes.  It’s too bad you can’t average your candy purchases out over a couple of years.  I ran out in no time last year, and I have a couple of bags of candy left this year.  That’s going to be awesomely healthy for  me.

Photo by kennymatic

Here are some other highlights from the past few days:

  1. Scott and I ate leftovers on the porch while handing out candy.  Delicious and fun.
  2. My current surgeon-in-training roommate joined us for most of the festivities and made butternut squash soup and pumpkin bread.  As far as I’m concerned, she never has to wash another dish at our house.  Oh, and having bowls (for soup) that don’t contain candy is somewhat confusing for little kids on Halloween.  Fun to watch them reach towards butternut squash soup though.
  3. Other friends dropped by as kids were finishing up their trick or treating last night, and we feasted on pumpkin bread together.  It was good.  Sometimes impromptu friend hangouts are the best.
  4. Monday started off with a mini heart attack.  I was pulled over by a policeman a couple of blocks from work and got off with a verbal warning for not putting my new stickers on my license plates (for several months).  I’m pretty sure that my horribly disorganized purse made the cop believe me when I said that the sticker was in a stack of papers at my house.  Which proves that disorganization is my friend, right?

And that gets us to the present.  I’ve decided that this is my week to get a few good habits back on track.  Finding those license stickers might be near the top of the list.  Other goals for tonight include going for a legitimate run and preparing for tomorrow like a grown-up.  Instead of grabbing four instant oatmeal packets on my way out the door tomorrow, I’m going to make lunch tonight and do all sorts of responsible things like that.  I know I live life on the edge.  I like my life though, and I guess that’s the important thing.

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