Halloween Costumes

The whole issue of Halloween costumes is kind of frustrating once you get past age 10.  The options for women can really be boiled down to sexy, scary, funny, or some combo of the above.

If I tried to go in the sexy direction, I’m pretty sure I would end up hiding in the corner all night.  Not a good party plan.  Scary isn’t my thing either.  Which leaves me with funny.  With that in mind and some quick help from  Real Simple and Martha Stewart respectively, I present to you the leading contenders:

Pig in a Blanket
Shark (on the right)

Am I slightly embarrassed that both of my potential costumes are modeled by toddlers?  Yes.  That probably won’t stop me from following through with my plan, however.  It’s either that or be June Cleaver (again) or wear a tight leotard around for hours and hours.  Having a complete ballet outfit in my drawer isn’t a good thing.  I should have gotten rid of that stuff the minute I finished my ballet class in college.  And now I’ll leave you in suspense until Monday.  If my costume turns out well, there might even be a picture.  Hope you have a good time encouraging children to rot their teeth out with copious amounts of candy!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Maggie says:


    I like some of these options.

    Out of your two options, I’d go for pig in a blanket.

    Or you could go the Jim Halpert route and write book on your face and call it a night.

    1. Maggie says:

      PS. I do hope that photos will capture the chosen disguise!

      1. Pictures didn’t happen. I might dress like the Hague next year though. Fun article! And yes, Jim’s costumes are usually right up my alley.

  2. Marty says:

    No couple costumes?

    1. Yeah, I probably lose girlfriend points for not thinking of that.

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