Moving In

As the years have progressed, I’ve developed a bit of a nesting habit.  At first, it only came out during my summers as a camp counselor.  The camp I worked for traveled to different locations every week to maximize the people we could share camp with and to make life a little simpler for parents.  A different dorm room every week for a couple of months meant eight or ten different chances for me to “move in.”

That wasn’t a big deal right off the bat.  I put my suitcase near my bed and called it good.  Then I realized that with a half hour of furniture moving and a few strategically placed personal items (can’t remember what those were during summer camp… laundry detergent, perhaps… so personal!), I could turn a sterile dorm room  into something that resembled a minuscule, week-long home.

There wasn’t any turning back after I discovered the amazing powers of moving furniture.  You can totally change a space by getting rid of unnecessary stuff and rearranging a few things.  In my first apartment, I moved my living room furniture a couple of times in one month.  That might have been excessive.  But now I have this great office opportunity.  This is more or less what my new office looks like at the moment:


Cords and manuals and supplies, oh my!


The door actually has a label that says “Supplies.”  In its defense, it’s a giant supply closet.  Two full-sized desks fit into it with about 12 spare computer monitors, more cords than I can count, and tons of other computerish stuff.  So yeah, there’s plenty of room in general and room for improvement here.

I obviously can’t do anything about the supplies and the mountain of books that contain the phrase “for dummies.”  I’m actually pretty glad that all of those books are in the room.  I won’t have to wander to the non-fiction section of the library every time I have a stupid question about my new job.

There is something I can do about adding some life, however.  Bet they’ve never had an art history major in the Computer Services office before.  They don’t even know what’s about to hit them.  Mwah ha ha.  Stay tuned for an “after” picture of the closet, um, office.  And as fair warning, it might be a week or two before that picture is posted.  Hopefully there will be some content between now and then that is in no way work-related.

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