I always think of soldiers (usually Civil War era) running away from a battle field in total panic when I hear the word “retreat.”  Maybe that’s why it takes me a while to get pumped up about going on church retreats.  Tell me that it’s a weekend of camp, and my first thoughts involve woods and sleeping bags and happiness.  But retreat?  I’d rather not be a Civil War soldier, thank you very much.  Even if I do live in Virginia.

Image by Harper's Weekly (back in the day)

It’s that time of year again–youth group retreat time for my church.  If you’re scratching your head right now, you’re totally in the right.  I am out of the youth group age range, but I have the pleasure of working with the group.  So I retreat, too.

On this glorious retreat, we won’t be doing any running from battle.  There will be s’mores and good discussions and some serious bonding time.  (S’mores aren’t the most important thing on that list.  I just happen to be hungry, so they get top billing.)  It’s going to be good.

Also, I’m sorry that I haven’t had more to say this week.  Between the giant job change, a professional conference, and hanging out with my awesome boyfriend, I’ve been thinking more than writing.  (Is there a nonchalant way to announce a new relationship via blog?  I couldn’t think of one, so there you go.)  Off I go to think some more at the non-Civil War retreat, and I promise to do more writing next week.

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  1. meredith says:

    Love you announcement! So happy for you both. Have a great time with the kids this weekend. It is fun taking kids on a retreat, yet I totally understand the need to “pump” yourself up for it! Lots of energy and caffeine 🙂

    Miss you lots!

    1. Super delayed response, but the retreat went really well. You were right about the importance of caffeine. I think I missed that memo during Modgnik last year. Also, I’m glad you like that announcement, and I miss you, too!

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