Face Down Tuesday

I have a bone to pick with Tuesdays.  They catch me off-guard.  Mondays are Mondays, you know?  They’re rough and no one really likes them, but you expect that.  Then Tuesday comes along and I think everything will be better.  The work week is 20% complete, and I’ve got my feet on the ground with projects.

It doesn’t work that way though.  There’s too much week left to be truly motivated by deadlines, and memories of the weekend have faded.  Tuesday leaves me in a sad place.

As I was contemplating that, I did a Flickr search on Tuesday and made a happy discovery.  There’s this thing called Face Down Tuesday.  Take that as you will.  Maybe you’re supposed to be facing Tuesday down and taking it like a man.  Maybe you’re supposed to be lying face down.  Either way, people take pictures of themselves (presumably on Tuesday) face down in various locations.

Photo by TheeErin

I was concerned for all of these people at first, since they kind of look dead.  Then I thoroughly enjoyed the idea.  They’re giving Tuesday its due and being slightly off-kilter at the same time.

Also, if I could have the perfect snack right now, it would include graham crackers and a cup of hot tea.  That combo would make my average age about 39 years old (3 years for the graham cracker craving, 75 for the hot tea), right?    Not so bad.

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